Transfoming how online recruiters find your business top sales talent
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Sourcing Sales
Professionals as
a Service

Qualified, Interested & Available Sales Talent
Starting at One Third the Cost

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You need sales professionals now but don’t have the resources required to build the pipeline you need. Our team is ready at a moments notice to be a resource and extension of your current recruiting team. We work with speed and accuracy while complimenting your team’s efforts to find “A” players.


As the experts in sourcing qualified sales candidates, we have a proven process and systematic approach to every search we conduct. Using our proprietary resume technology, every candidate vetted is presented to you with a 3D resume, compensation requirements, and sales characteristic assessment.


Starting at 1/3 of the cost of traditional sales recruiting services, our flexible sourcing option provides qualified candidates without a long term commitment. If you are looking to fill one role or several sales roles, our expert sales recruiters will find you the candidates you need within 30 days.

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What are the benefits to SaaS?

  • Cost – Hire sales talent for ⅓ of the cost of other search firms
  • Speed – We ramp up the search immediately, producing a qualified pipeline of candidates
  • Flexibility – No long term commitment, pay as you go
  • Technology – Proprietary resume and applicant tracking technology
  • Multiple Hires – There are no additional costs for multiple hires
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